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The Simulation department, directed by Ruth-Anna Soodt, offers you the following products/services:


All dimensions - all functions

Staudinger models employ a modular, Fischertechnik-based concept to replicate complex industrial projects in great detail. This allows engineers easily to discover potential problems during planning and programming - suitable alternatives can so be tested in practice quickly. By using modules our team is in a position to provide a custom-made model according to your specifications also at short notice. On demand Staudinger delivers a requirement analyses, takes care of development in full or in part, offers suggestions for controlling and programs the model's functionality. Models from Staudinger can be used as attention-getters at trade fairs for manufacturers of complex software and control programming: Their virtual often confusing product is "brought down to the point" by visual showing what it can do. You and your product will be kept in good memory with this particular presentation.

Staudinger models are suitable for trainings in the fields:

  • Automation engineering
  • PLC programming
  • Control engineering
  • Other specialised areas
  • Electrical engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Logistic

Education providers are in direct competition with other institutions for higher education and businesses. Education in practice, individual programs and didactic preparation of subject matter are more important today than ever.

Staudinger Simulation is aware of these requirements and provides effective instruments for developing information.

Staudinger models represent an investment in the future for your area of expertise. The use of industrial standard components ensures that replacement parts and technical support is in the long term on-hand.. The models are designed to be used for many semesters by numerous generations of students; the models also directly contribute to the reputation of the educational institution.

For illustration industrial operation sequences realistically, all colleagues of the Simulation department have to be constantly informed and so be kept up-to-date on the latest developments in automation, logistics and maintenance. This can be easily done two doors beside with colleagues working for Staudinger control engineering as well as plant and mechanical engineering department.

Transacting as specialist in worldwide dealings and businesses, important commercial representatives are e.g. based in South America, South Africa and the Asian market. Even if our products are based on "Fischertechnik" they are by no means gadgets.

The four product lines from Staudinger Simulation are Standard models, Customized models, Combination models and Compact models. Your advantages with every product line:

  • Controllable via interfaces compliant with industry standard
  • controllable with nearly any PLC
  • partially convenient for small controllers (e.g. Siemens LOGO!, Crouzet Millenium,
    Moeller Easy, ...)
  • Real look-and-feel instead of simulated 3-D
  • Functionality instead of just words
  • Learning by doing instead of reading
  • Better, deeper understanding
  • Eye catcher for trade fairs

Modules for adequate combination of own models

Most models for simulation of control and feedback control systems operations in complex plants are mainly realised by simple basic modules.
We offer a multiplicity of these basic modules which for assembling of own models, enlarging existing systems or as substitute for broken model components.
Basic modules can meet different demands:
Modules for feeder functions (conveyor belts, turntables, roll lines, rail guided vehicles, etc.) can be used separately or in nearly any combination to each other.
Machine tool modules (machine bases, machine stands, die heads) are combined in a schematic basic construction and simulate in interaction the required machine tool for the respective application. The machine tool itself can be connected to the modules for feeder functions.

Spare parts and industrial components

Should you decide to build a model yourself or did you lose parts or parts were broken e. g. by abrasion, we are in the position to deliver replacements regardless whether it is a Fischertechnik spare part or an industrial spare part used by us. You will get each spare part separately and need not a complete kit. Please ask for our spare parts overview!

Fischertechnik-compatible aluminium profiles

For the reasons of stability we use for lengths more than 60 mm aluminium bars compatible to the Fischertechnik spare parts. On the one hand here we offer standardised lengths supplied with trunnions, on the other hand there are profiles per running metre without trunnions.

Programming of models

The colleagues of our control engineering are into doing your programming of your models. It dies not make any difference whether we fix you up with the control or whether it is provided of you.

Control Prosposal

We like being of assistance for suitable controls for the model selected. We surely advice you neutrally and independently and look for an adequate and reasonable answer for control requirements - results shown to you.
It is then up to you to decide on buying directly from the producer or whether we are due to obtain it for you.

Didactic Concepts

For several compact models we have permitted an experienced textbook author, Mr. Jürgen Kaftan (IKH Lehrsysteme) to develop a task with solutions for diverse compact models. These CDs will assist you on planning classes and approach when using our models for schoolings on (small-sized) controls.


In a handy aluminium-suitcase you will find clearly arranged everything you need for the introduction to the topic "PLC programming": one compact model, one wall power supply, one unit LOGO!Learn Advanced with infra-red remote control, one connecting cable between trainings unit and the model, one CD-ROM with tasks and solutions for the LOGO!Learn Advances and optional the appropriate small-sized control with programmer cable and programmer-software. The PLC-Starter-Kit is suitable for schoolings or private study to reach first results. You have complete what you nee - stick together and start doing!


Your Contact Person:

Ruth-Anna Soodt
Tel: +49 (0)8731 / 50 69-400